Want a healthy workforce while controlling costs?


An Alternative
to Carrier Health Plans

Our fully integrated self-funded health plans foster shared accountability, deliver complete transparency of costs, and provide the ability to proactively, and continuously, monitor, engage, and influence member behavior.

The Control You Need

Through intuitive dashboards leveraging real-time data companies are empowered to manage their health plan’s performance.

The Flexibility You Want

Customized plan designs, stop loss protection, and funding options combined with fully integrated population health management programs enables us to structure the most appropriate health plan for your company’s needs. 

Connect With Your People

Most people know broadly what they would change to reduce their healthcare costs and improve their health. The problem all too often is that they don’t know what changes provide the best result; are most relevant or necessary; or how to affect these changes within their lifestyle.

Right Care, Right Time, Right Place

We provide population health management programs designed to identify, target, and engage members at the earliest possible moment, providing them with support and guidance, before costly behaviors occur.

The Right Results

Our integrated program consolidates assessment, outreach, communication, intervention, transition and reporting.

Unlocking the Value of Rx

Utilizing pharmacy benefit data to identify risks and predict future costs, WellNet transforms typical pharmacy benefit management into a proactive health management service that delivers sustainable cost-saving and member engagement strategies. Learn how we can help.

Drive Desired Behavior

Plan and campaign design grounded in systematic risk analysis is a powerful tool available to companies for influencing and directing member behavior.

Know Your Risks

Rx benefit data is utilized to develop a company risk profile and segment the member population into discreet groups by various criteria which serve as the driving force behind healthcare spend and resource allocation.

Dedicated Implementation Expertise and Support

Experts in health benefits, medical utilization, provider networks, and organizational change management to assist with implementation of chosen health plans, population health management, chronic care management, and cost containment programs. Learn how we can help.

Less Data, More Information

WellNet specializes in aggregating, normalizing, and synthesizing health plan data into easy to use dashboards and management reporting delivering the information a company needs to effectively manage its health benefit.

Value and ROI through Execution

Delivering value and ROI for the time and money being spent is the primary focus of WellNet. 

You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Understand

Healthcare Performance Management (HPM) is a discipline balancing the application of technology in tandem with engagement strategies to improve an organization’s health plan management practices. WellNet is pioneering the implementation and application of the HPM discipline with organizations of all sizes.

Learn How HPM Can Help

While most corporations are applying one or more pillars of HPM, the integration of the full discipline is still new to many organizations.

Real Results from Real Companies

Early adopters of the HPM approach are already reaping the benefits in the form of reduced costs and improved member health.

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